The Tao of Design and User Experience

June 8, 2018. Available for FREE on Kindle!

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What People Are Saying

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"This gift for my daughter, who writes code pertaining to UI/UX, has found it to be an excellent resource in "getting one's head right," for that endeavor."

Mike Mitchell

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"This book gave me lots to think about. Without even looking at the technical side, The Tao of Design is useful as a guide for life. It speaks us about how we are aided by structure at the beginning and then it imprisons us. At that point, to let it all drop and start from a place of formlessness is very powerful and requires accessing the truth within."

Ann Raisch

"This is a book to be savored. Andrew Ou is a thought leader in his held."

Aurora Winter
MBA, Author, "Marketing Fasttrack

"This is a deep read. I love how the author talks about design beyond design."

Ralph G.
UX Designer

A System of Guiding Thoughts For UX Designers

Digital Guide

The Tao of Design and User Experience is a work of enlightenment derived from the intersection the author observed between martial arts, Taoism and design. It provides a set of guiding principles infinitely deeper than design itself, principles that cultivate design thinking beyond design.

This system will remove you from limitations and obstructions so you may gain wisdom and discover a way that is your way. With a clear trajectory and a strong foundation, you will master the art of design and user experience.

About The Author

I was a UX designer who wanted to be exceptional, but felt that the current paradigm of thinking within the design industry was limiting, incomplete, and lacked ultimate clarity. While working with other designers and even senior directors, I saw many inefficiencies in the way they thought about design.

I had reached a certain plateau but was still unsatisfied. Because I couldn't find the answers within the design realm, I turned to the principles of Taoism and martial arts to cultivate my design thinking and created a philosophy of guiding thoughts.

The intersection between martial arts and design is extraordinary, which is why I wanted to share with you.

Andrew Ou

Ul /UX designer. Product designer. Entrepreneur who takes ideas to launch. Author. Martial Artist.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the design principles you have seen come from a design-related background (be consistent, have empathy, make things simple and intuitive, etc.). However, because they all come from the same source, the level of knowledge cannot exceed a certain limitation.

The principles of The Tao of Design and User Experience stem from philosophies of martial arts and Taoism. These principles are much higher than design, which is why we can exceed the limitations of the current design principles we know.
Whether you are you a UI / UX / product designer, UX researcher, or even a developer, this system will benefit you. This system introduces principles beyond design meant to cultivate you as the human being, so your work, and everything that you externalize will have a strong foundation

You will, however, benefit the most from it if you are a designer who is also interested in Taoism or martial arts. Even if you are not designer, the philosophies can be used as a guide for life.
The system will free you from limitations, give you timeless wisdom, and a way of knowing so you can reach your full potential and excel in your field. It will transform your way of thinking so you can go from being an ordinary designer to being an extraordinary one. It comes with a digital guide with 3 educational videos.
Many know Bruce Lee as one of the greatest martial artists of all time. However, he was also a great philosopher who inspired many, including the author himself. This system was heavily inspired by Bruce Lee's philosophies, combined with the author's interpretation and the intersection the author observed between martial arts and design.
Martial arts: If any style teaches you a method of fighting, then you might be able to fight according to the limit of that method.
Design adaptation: We all like to follow design conventions because they are safe and established. But when we do, we must realize that our designs may be limited by conventions. Sometimes, a convention may not work, so instead of being too fixated on it, we must assume formlessness to adapt to new ideas, even if they have not been expressed before.